Francesco Echo

Francesco Echo is a sonic explorer in his own made up world. As self-taught artist and self-proclaimed abstract thinker, Echo has explored many artistic media and many musical genres. From film photography to pottery and to metal work; Hip-Hop to Country to Experimental Rock n Roll. The common thread is true lkove for the process and blind ambition. 

When it comes to music, Echo takes an expressive approach. Inspired by lush production styles as well as a strong dose of psychedelia, Echo carefully carves his arrangements with the goal of creating something completely different, yet familiar and comforting.


John Courage 

John Courage has been honing his skills as a songwriter, guitarist and producer for over 10 years in the music communities of Northern California, with stints in the Pacific Northwest and the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico. With a flair for vintage inspired rock and roll that takes cue from the Texas singer songwriter scene of the 70's, John Courage creates a sound that at once feels familiar yet urgent.

Courage and Echo are long time friends and musical collaborators. The Album, "Gems" is a collaboration that bridges the music vision of both artists. Through the years Echo has contributed guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, and vocals to the evolving sound of John Courage's projects


The Drought Cult

Fuzzed-out psych rock doesn’t get much better than Sonoma County, The Drought Cult. Dark and drenched in reverb, The Drought Cult mixes engrossing hooks and fuzzed-out psychedelics for a lush dreamscape of sound. Featuring long-time North Bay rockers–Francesco Echo on guitars and vocals, Jef Overn on bass and Dan Ford on drums–this is a new incarnation of music from the trio, who originally got together under Echo’s name in 2016. The Drought Cult explores expressive and sonically vast music that is gritty and evocative.