b. 1986, HK.

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My art represents a quest for creative freedom. I exist in a perpetual creative cycle; exploring different realms of expression by working in a variance of media. My search for my own definition of success is driven by a genuine passion for the creative processes and a burning compulsion to create. Through my work I hope to impart a youthful feeling of wonderment and limitlessness in the mind of the beholder. My process and struggle to build a sustainably creative lifestyle is a reflection of the world I want to live in. Where creativity and inspiration flow freely through every human, free of obstacles and negative criticism. Artistic expression and creative freedom are essential for mental well being and we must strengthen and expand all artistic institutions and avenues. I believe this generation has a cultural obligation to nurture the arts; the avant-garde; the risk takers; the searchers of freedom; the bold off-the-beaten-path walkers. Let us all be as full of wide-eyed wonderment as we were as children.